Obtaining an Instrument

A final factor that both prospective instrumental students and parents must consider is cost.  With a few exceptions, all beginning students must obtain an instrument, either through rental or purchase, before the beginning of the fall semester.  

We highly recommend that you consider a rental purchase plan which allows you to pay into an account set up for your child.  This account is applied toward the final purchase of a brand new instrument as the child grows older.  This rental/purchase plan allows students to grow accustomed to their instruments over time.  It also allows your student to grow through the beginner years with a used instrument.  

Below is a listing of the average price range for each instrument from the businesses with which we generally deal.   Please understand that these figures are only approximations, and are subject to change without notice.   Some of the rental companies begin with an initial trial period of 4 months.  After this is completed, the monthly cost will change.  Please discuss this facet of the instrumental program carefully and contact the instrumental teacher involved to answer any question.

***If you are considering buying an instrument instead of renting, we would strongly recommend that you contact your teacher first.***

Music Stores within Arlington CSD

Other Dutchess County Music Stores

Alto Music, Wappingers Falls

Stamell Strings, Poughkeepsie

Vincitore's Piano, Poughkeepsie